nxaʔamxčín (Moses-Columbia) Baby Video curriculum

The nxaʔamxčín (Moses-Columbia) Baby Video curriculum was developed by the Confederated Colville Tribes Language Department and Micki Bearcub-Hudson, Language Instructor for use both within the tribe and by outside educators.

The nxaʔamxčín (Moses-Columbia) Baby Video curriculum is intended for parents and their children to use at home or in the classroom. Included in the curriculum is a video with body parts, colors, animals in nxaʔamxčín (Moses-Columbia) with English translations, as well as a coyote song in innxaʔamxčín (Moses-Columbia). Related items Items include a painting titled “Coyote and the Monster of the Columbia.” To access the related materials, see the Related Items Section at the bottom or to the upper right of this page.