páaxat'ipéetehemkt' (Five Fogs') arrows (View from above)

Cultural Narrative: 

This photo displays five of páaxat'ipéetehemkt' (Five Fogs') arrows from above.

This set of five arrows are made from kikéeye (serviceberry) or juneberry wood and are varying lengths, including 56 cm, 62 cm, 65 cm, 68.5 cm, and 71 cm. Each arrow tip is made of steel or iron and is attached to the wood arrow base using sinew. Four of the five arrows are also attached with eagle wing feathers. Each individual arrow is painted with the signature of the Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) warrior, in this case páaxat'ipéetehemkt (Five Fogs), as a way of indicating to whom the arrows belong. Not only did these arrows belong to páaxat'ipéetehemkt (Five Fogs), but he also constructed these arrows.

The other item in the photograph is páaxat'ipéetehemkt' (Five Fogs') bow (identifier 1986.2.98).