Pileyéeye is a sacred rock that once stood above Spalding, Idaho. After sometime it was used as a monument for the Lapwai Mission and was laminated in honor of the Mission by the Daughters of America.
Cultural Narrative: 

Photograph of the Lapwai Mission Monument in Spalding, Idaho. Reverse reads: "Spalding monument. Spalding, Idaho." This rock is held sacred by the Nez Perce and has a story connected to this rock, also known as pileyéeye who was once the chief or govenor of the area. He was wise and knew everything, he knew who was camped along the river and who traveled up and down the river. However, Coyote disagreed with pileyéeye and said "if we do not get rid of him he will kill the people." Coyote said to pileyéeye, "We do not want you to be the controller of anything, I am going to call you, and you will become a rock." pileyéeye answered, "you will become a rock too!". Coyote replied, "I will become rock, and so will you! Because the human beings are approaching, they will be here instead of us.". Coyote is across the Clearwater from Spalding against a bluff, a rock craig standing prominently from the hillside. On the same side where Coyote is, above "donkey beach" you can see "al-lah-who-ee-yi-yi", he who helped Coyote who was turned into stone by pileyéeye. Pileyéeye had sharp eyes and could see anyone, he would stop them or else turn them into stone. There is also a woman and a child who are apart of the group forming the bluff. This story is told by Sam Lott and he comments that " We take this rock, look upon it as an image of something. Spalding was against images. This rock was taken against the command: 'worship no images'. The whites worship Spalding by placing this image as his monument".