Richard, Esther, Rose, Alta, William, Bessie, Titus Photo and History

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This document consists of two images. The image to the right has three young girls and a baby. They all wear white dresses and the three girls wear a ribbon in their hair. The two youngest are seated on a chair that has fur on it. The other two girls stand on either side of the chair. Below the photo its states the names Richard, Esther, William, and baby Bessie. The image to the left has two boys, a girl, and a baby. The baby is placed on a chair and is propped up. The baby wears a long white dress. The two boy stand to the left of the baby. The older boy stands behind the younger boy and wears a dark coat. The younger boy wears a white long sleeve dress shirt, with pants, and a scarf. To the right of the baby is a the young girl. She wears a long striped dress and uses her elbow to secure the baby's position. Below the image are the names Rose, Alta, baby Titus, and Bessie. There is then a paragraph that shares a bit of the children's life. Subjects talked about are their chores on the ranch, churches they attended, and the fun they had with their mother.