Richard, Rose, and Esther Photos

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Two photos. One is of Richard Paul, and the other is of Rose and Esther Paul. The image to the left is of Richard Paul. He is wearing a dress coat and black shirt underneath. His hair is short fixed with a part. The image captures his chest up. Below his image are the words "Richard Paul Circa 1918, Richard also served in World War I". The photo on the right is of Rose and Esther Paul. One woman is seated and wears a hat with a dark coat that is buttoned up. The other woman stands behind the women who is seated. The women standing wears a dark hat with a gray schemed coat that is also button up. Below the image are the words "Rose and Esther Paul circa 1922, Esther did get some basic nursing at Chemawa, she work at the Lapwai sanatorium from 1921-1923". Both images do not have color.

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