Rock circle baricades, Battle of Toppenish, Yakima Indian War


A photo of a mounted man, with a second horse behind the remnants of a rock barrier (1917).

Cultural Narrative: 

Rock circle barricades: This flatland looks to be in the foothills between the fingers of hills that connect to the Cascade Mountain range on the Yakama Reservation. Vivian Adams, Yakama

Traditional Knowledge: 

U.S.-Indian Wars

In these lowland areas Indian cattlemen ran their stock and cattle also ranged in the high mountain area. A couple decades ago the Indian cattle associations were restricted from running their herds the high mountain areas and asked to use the "association" pastures in the lowlands. Tribes wanted to give the roots and berries in the areas leading up to and within the high mountain areas time to restore. This was a conservation-preservation law put into effect back in the early 1990s. Vivian Adams, Yakama