Rock with piyopyóotálikt' (Chief Peo Peo Tholekt's) portrait

Cultural Narrative: 

Evidence suggests this oval shaped rock was picked up by L. V. McWhorter at the site of a battle between piyopyóotálikt (Chief Peo Peo Tholekt) and a member of the ceeptitím’nin (Cheyenne) tribe. Notably, this rock was hand-painted with a portrait of piyopyóotálikt (Chief Peo Peo Tholekt) by the artist Mildred Schmidtman around 1940. Schmidtman (1909-1996) was a painter who lived in the state of Washington for a large period of her life and is most known for her portraits of Native Americans, such as piyopyóotálikt (Chief Peo Peo Tholekt). It is unknown how the rock eventually came into Schmidtman's possession or how she learned of the connection between the rock and piyopyóotálikt (Chief Peo Peo Tholekt). The rock itself is 12.7 cm in height.

"Peo-Peo Tholekt"

(Inscribed on front of rock - displayed in reverse in photo)