Root Gathering Bag


Round, flexible, twined bag. Hepm weft, balance bear grass. Bird, animal and human figures in red dyed bear grass. Cord loop attached at rim., height: 6 1/8"; Width at Top: 3 3/4"

Cultural Narrative: 

You’ll find in this small sally bag that it incorporates several designs such as how it has the Wasco man and Wasco woman. It also has incorporated the sturgeon, the thunderbird, and the elk designs, all in one little basket.

This one has the man and the woman and the thunderbird, chånahu. We keep things, like small things, get kept in these. Arlita Rhoan

These must be square dancers, the woman has a fancy dress. The sally bags we have are all twine and yarn, not natural like this. Maxine Switzler

This has coyote, speelyi, design as well. Both the Wasco man and women and sturgeon. We traded off our sally bags full of stuff to other people, when we bring together trade items and give to our in-laws we would have our food stuffs in them, the dried roots. Maybe not one this small. Valerie Switzler

Traditional Knowledge: