Root Gathering Bag


Twined, cylindrical bag with vertical bands and faces in vertical rows. Design of skulls and birds in black. Buckskin bound rim and handle., height: 8 3/4"; Diameter: 7"; circumference: 21"

Cultural Narrative: 

This is all natural, there is a design in the middle, some kind of bird, then the people, then on top the frog, aluqw'åt , then also the eyes, achåsh achash, then it has something in the middle -- maybe for the flattened forehead.  Arlita Rhoan

Just imagine how long it took to make such fine weaves. In Wasco the thunderbird is called chånahu. There’s a turtle, then the kids on the bottom, the kids are playing with them.  Maxine Switzler

They call them thunderbirds, also notice on the side there is a small design looks like a frog and there are deer in there, and sturgeon. It is a complicated design. There was a fight amongst the Wasco people, some went north, some went south because they disagreed over the sound the frog made. Valerie Switzler

Traditional Knowledge: