Root Gathering Bag


Round, twined, cylindrical bag. Hemp and cotton weft at top and base, balance cornhusk. Human, bird and canoe designs in brown. Braided rim., height: 8 1/2"; Diameter: 5 1/2"; circumference: 18"

Cultural Narrative: 

The bird on this one is different than the thunderbird, the wings are different. It might be xwåyama, eagle.  Valerie Switzler

The designs are canoes and old men, the weaving on the bottom is done different. It looks pretty old. The bird is sitting a different way then the thunderbird, his head looks similar, but the body is different. It could have just been the weaver’s style. It could just be an old crow, the bird. The bottom weave is really different, it is tied in the middle and then went around a bunch at a times. It is bundled together then it goes around one bunch at a time, in larger bundles then it divides again and goes a good bunch then it singles out. It is tåxws (dog bane) and something else like corn husk or bear grass, probably bear grass because it has turned dark.  Arlita Rhoan

Maybe they are seagulls, this is the canoe family design they made.  Maxine Switzler

It looks like men are fishing, it's small this one, the weaves on the bottom are small.  Suzie Slockish