Root Gathering Bag


Round, twined, cylindrical, cornhusk bag. Geometric design in dyed blue, orange, yellow, orange and green cornhusk. Blue cotton trim around top., height: 5 1/2"; width: 5 1/4"; circumference: 16 3/8"

Cultural Narrative: 

They covered up the braid on top with fabric, so it doesn't come unraveled easily. The materials are naturally dyed, it's almost like the layer that they did with corn husk bags. It is corn husk on top. The design, you can tell by looking at the side and seeing the way it is breaking, you can see lots of little short corn husks. Someone took some time with this one. Valerie Switzler

The bottom, part of it is tåxws, it looks like they dyed the corn husk before. Maxine Switzler

It kind of looks like a gunny sack material on the top, then they used corn husk on the top designs. It kind of shines, you can tell it is on top of the tåxws (dog bane). Arlita Rhoan