Root Gathering Bag


Round, twined, cylindrical cornhusk bag. Bird and animal designs. Black fabric used in starting base. Braid at top edge with warp fibers clipped on inside., height: 7"; Diameter: 4 3/4"

Cultural Narrative: 

It looks like ducks, xatxat that is what it must be then geese, then horses for the design, the horses have long tails, they were really wild. On the bottom, it’s patched, maybe for identifying the weaver? Arlita Rhoan

The weaving is really tight, when we get older and our eyes fade and if we try to do the design by memory it might be a bit off. It looks like double twineing. You start a design and then loop it again. They would always encourage us, my aunt told me my sally bag was beautiful, even if it was crocked. They were always encouraging us. Valerie Switzler

Some of them might be dogs and the horses have long tails. Twine used to be a big commodity on our people’s life, my mom would gather twine and braid it and braid it for tanning hides. Maxine Switzler

Traditional Knowledge: