Root Gathering Bag


Twined Jute or hop string with weave change to form raised lines of decoration. No other materials used in design. Rim bound with smoked buckskin, leather handle., depth: 9"; Diameter: 5"

Cultural Narrative: 

It's a sally bag, it’s joot twine, or maybe beer hops, it was hops twine that they used.  Valerie Switzler

This one looks like lines going both ways, it could be a trademark in that spot. They must have just put their roots in there when they were digging and then cleaned it out. Looks like that on the inside. The bottom is a little bit more organized, they started out bigger then got smaller to the middle. They would pick up twine from anywhere they could back then.  Arlita Rhoan

It looks like they were adding on new material as they went, as they were twining. Maxine Switzler

Traditional Knowledge: