Root Gathering Bag


Cylindrical, twined cedar with reed bag. Three horizontal dyed blue bands. Buckskin handle., depth: 7"; Diameter: 5"

Cultural Narrative: 

This one is tighter twine. The twine is more shiny and it's faded on the bottom stripe. It could have been painted, it was made early so it could have been. Arlita Rhoan

 You would put something on the basket, a missed twine or a decoration always in the same place to show people who made the basket. If they dyed them at different times the colors wouldn't match. The squares show balance that is the way it was taught to me. The modern weavers use the bottom twine more as decoration. Valerie Switzler

It took more than one season to make it, that is why one stripe is faded more than the others. They didn't just make it all at once, so it is faded. Maxine Switzler

Traditional Knowledge: