Root Gathering Bag


Twined with a round base and soft sides. Cylindrical, plain with no decoration., height: 6"; Diameter: 5"; circumference: 16 1/2"

Cultural Narrative: 

Before fabric time we had a natural making process. It's rolled, not a firm roll like tåxws, which is dog bane. They made twine from cedar bark. Wascos lived along the river mostly, that is why it is different from tåxws. The bark and roots were better to use, to make a better product out of it the root is long and straight. In lower levels it is more knotty and it makes it harder to split. I almost cracked my thumb off! I learned that from one of my teachers to go to the higher areas to get the straighter bark. Arlita Rhoan

We learned how to twine with different things, we used bear grass to put in the middle and used the different fibers to roll into string. Valerie Switzler

This looks like cedar bark. They traveled up along the mountains to gather the cedar. Maxine Switzler