Root Gathering Bag


Round, twined, cylinder, root gathering bag, made of twined cotton. Tight construction. Flat bottom. Faded, dyed, purple and pink, striped design. Top bound in buckskin, with one buckskin handle. Buckskin ties hanging down near the top edge., height: 8 1/2"; Diameter: 7"; circumference: 22"

Cultural Narrative: 

The stings was very small they went one string at a time, I went crazy when I tried that! The inside is tied, they must have worked on this a long time to make it keep going flat like that on the bottom. Whoever taught them taught the well and they listened. Arlita Rhoan

These are the more modern bags, it’s flat bottom, it looks like they started out small, this was quite an artist. Valerie Switzler