Shirley Stahi - Education


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So after awhile I think, I went back to school. I decided I need to go back to school. So I went, they used to have GED classes in Warm Springs and so it was you know your [Delvis Heath’s] grandmother 7 that got me started into going back to classes. She had me all lined up for this job at the school and she said I know you can do this. After I got my GED she came to my house she says I know you can do this. I see how you work with kids, your own kids, other kids. You can do this, you can go and work at the school. I thought I don't think I can do that. She said yes, you can. Don't say I don't think I can, say yes I can. You know how your grandmother was, she was always giving good words. And so that got me started in working at this Warm Springs elementary for, I think I was there for almost twenty years.