Spokane couple John & Minnie Stevens & daughter Mi Mi with horses, Indian Canyon, Spokane Washington


Man stands holding bridle of horse, woman and girl each sit on horseback (woman's saddle, saddleblanket & bridle all beaded & embroidered). He wears a beaded vest, belt & armbands, leggings and moccasin; she wears a dark dress sewn with shells, necklace & a beaded bag hangs by saddlehorn ; small girl has beaded blouse, necklaces & hat. Same man & woman in L84-327.724, L94-7.2, L94-14.27, L94-47.27, L96-87.24, L98-1.6, L98-1.10, L98-1.16, L98-1.33 Note from unidentified source: John Stevens, Mrs. John Stevens and daughter Mi Mi. Photographer, Thomas W. Tolman?