Spokane men pose at memorial feast for Chief Oliver Lot, June 24, 1909


Group of 10 men pose in western-style clothes in front of tepee. Note from unidentified source: Lot (Whistle-Possum), Chief of the Lower Spokanes until his death in 1902. Note from unidentified source: Top row, L-R: Massislah (Esche' -Ka a' Ka) Chief of the Kalispels; Jim Sam (Chil Puk Sin - White around the ankle) Lower Spokane; William Three Mountain, Chief of the Upper Spokanes; Moctelme, Coeur d'Alene Chief; Peter Seltice, Coeur d'Alene Chief; Abraham Edwards, Colville (Lakes) Chief; Saul Louis (Corn i Tah), Coeur d'Alene Chief; Bottom row, L-R: Lon Sooslomsch, Chewelah chief; Moses Broken Tooth, Coeur d'Alene Chief; Joe Moses (Seven Shirts) Columbia Chief.