Spokane mission, St. Michael's Mission, Fr. Taelman's 50th Jubilee, Sept. 27, 1945


Standing on lawn in front of tepee are a group of Spokane, Kalispel; seated in front of them are 7 priests. Five of the men wear ceremonial dress, with full feathered headdresses. Building and pickup visible in background. Note from unidentified source: St. Michael's Mission, Peone Prairie, Fr. [Louis] Taelman's 50th Jubilee, Sept. 27, 1945 L-R: Back row: Mary [Antelope] Michel, Willie Andrews, Small Salmon, Antoine Isadore, Joe Isadore (?), Agatha Isadore, Ellen Hubert, (?), Mitch Michel, William Hubert, Joe Paschel, Joe Seltice, Pascal George. Fr. Taelman 5th from left in front row