Spokane woman believed to be Suzett Smio-Ato, carrying wood, Spokane Washington


Older woman carrying wood on back, stands in clearing wearing blanket over shoulders and close-fitting hat. Note from unidentified source: "Woodbearer (wife of Sann-Lish-Nah or Joseph Williams, signer of Col. Wright treaty, son of Surimpt, signer of Stevens Treaty.) She was known as Annie, washerwoman of white families in Spokane." "Suzett Smio-Ato, grandmother of Miteli Niediael, Indian Canyon. Susan Michel's mother (Spokane Mary is what whites called her) Tschimtah, Spokane above Indian Canyon." "Hec psesi-- she is packing wood, a grandmothers job, per Pauline Flett, 7/97" "Tchim Tom Burden Bearer. Colfax Tribe.