Storage Bag


William Manning organized his collection by categories listing this bag in the category: Baskets - Soft Weave and noting its origin as Spokane Indians. Source: Accession record 1, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, 1926 W. M. Manning Indian Collection inventory. Rectangular, flat, twined, cornhusk bag. Geometric designs entirely in red one side and green, red and blue other side. Cotton drawstring. Hemp and cotton weft at top and base, balance cornhusk and wool. height: 20 1/2"; width at widest point: 16 1/4"

Cultural Narrative: 

This is a flat twined bag made 1900 to 1915 by a Spokane maker. It’s heavy so I’m guessing they boiled the hemp. The bag is made of both hemp and wild rye. Viola Frizzelli, Marsha Wynecoop, Pauline Flett