Storage Basket


Round, bundle construction, coiled, cedar basket. Slightly curved sides flare from narrow base. Fully imbricated, geometric design. Open work at rim., height: 8 1/2"; Circumference at Top: 27 1/4"; Diameter at Top: 8 1/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

This one has tighter coiling. I’ve never seen anything coiled as tightly around the Yakama area. You can pick it up with both hands. It might have been made as a gift. A patron may have made that, asked for it to be made too. Vivian Adams

I know it has some significance. Blue diamonds. This looks like one of our baskets because of the design. I was telling Marlene Simlaw, “it must have had some kind of significance with these diamonds...It must have been, it had to been-a really special.” I mean for all the work on the top and altogether. That’s a beautiful piece. Jolena Tillequots