Storage Basket


Rigid, round, coiled basket of cedar root. Sides fully imbricated with beargrass. Six buckskin loops attached near rim. Braided rim., height: 7"; diameter at top: 9 1/2"; diameter at base: 5 1/2",

Cultural Narrative: 

Oh yeah, it looks like a tree of life. It's done in green and orange and the bottom room is sequential, white-dark-white-dark-white-dark, alternating colors. I've never seen a bottom like that on anyone we've looked at so far. So, that's the weaver's marking. Besides that the tree of life has the same color circle in the room of the basket and in the same color's the tree of life is made up. Yeah, I think we and just leave it at that it is likely Klickitat. Vivian Adams, Jolena Tillequots