Storage Basket


Large, oval, bundle construction, coiled, storage basket. Remnants of braided rim. Partially imbricated, geometric design. Buckskin loops, two, one side and one opposite near bottom. Basket leans to one side., length: 15"; Width at Top: 17 1/8"; height: 12 5/8",

Cultural Narrative: 

This could be cedar root. It is coiled cedar bark with bear grass designs with wild cherry bark dye and black stitching that looks like fern. It has that star design, but I was thinking it could also be spruce. My mother she repaired baskets like that, wherever there is a break they would wet it and it would pop open if it is spruce to mend it where it is broken. It looks more like spruce looks it is finer and softer. It is very well used and looks like a berry picking basket, there are some stains inside. Elaine Emerson