Storage Basket


Coiled basket with coiled bottom. Lobelled rim. Straight sides flare from narrow bottom. Imbricated yarn design., height: 10 1/4"; Diameter at Bottom: 4 3/8"; Diameter at Top: 10 1/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

This basket looks like it could be General Plateau, Klickitat. It looks like there’s a sort of twine, only on top. It’s more contemporary because the twine is only on the top design, not really on the bottom. Jolena Tillequots.

Oh yeah. Uh, they kind of did it like false embroidery. The insides are plain too. See what they did? It was just a thin piece they had, so they had to wrap it around one, one folded coil. Around and around. See how they all line these little sections of each one? I wish I knew how to do this. Vivian Adams