Storage Basket


Oval, rigid, deep, coiled basket. Straight sides flare from small base. Imbricated geometric design. Buckskin loops near rim and one near bottom opposite side., height: 14 1/2"; Width at Top: 13 1/2"; Width at Bottom: 7 1/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

This is a storage basket from the Klickitat was purchased in August of 1901. It could have been used for cooking, but see how these little handles came off? There a whole top row of loops. I don’t know that anything was kept in it. Look at how clean it is inside. It also could be salmon skin on the bottom. It doesn’t have a fragrance or scent because it's been cleaned so well. The salmon skin was layered like walls. It’s more encased because a line is cracking on it. More contemporary chu-ly is done now in a jar .And you have, you have the old rock salt. It’s broken down. So, it has to be, more in a really tight container. They cleaned out the salmon and then they put the chu-ly in it and sewed it back together. And then they stored it flat, like logs. Twelve salmons per stack. Vivian Adams, Jolena Tillequots, Marlene Simlaw