Tin-Tin-Me-Nay-Klom-Kan and Wa-lee-hoo Photos and History

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There are two photos in this document of Tin-tin-me-nay-klom-kan (Jason Conditt) and Wa-lee-hoo (Jane Parsons). The image of Tin-tin-me-nay-klom-kan is a portrait style photo. He wears a coat that is button up. His hair is short. He has no facial expression and there is no images in the background. The image of Wa-lee-hoo has two individuals. A young man is seated on a chair and a young girl stands next to him. The young man wears a dress coat with pants. He holds an object in his lap. The young girl is wrapped with a shawl and has large earrings. Neither the young man nor young girl have facial expression. Below the two images are the names, date of birth, date of death, and their relation to Lydia & Homer. There are two paragraphs about the history of both Tin-tin-me-nay-klom-kan and Wa-lee-hoo. These two individuals are married to one another and have four children. Other information mentioned is that Wa-lee-hoo is the daughter of a Chief who signed the Treaties of 1855 and his negotiation at Washington D.C. which is where her father died.