titoqatímt (Nez Perce) Parent-Child Handbook (Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Curriculum)

The titoqatímt (Nez Perce) Parent-Child Handbook curriculum was developed by the Confederated Colville Tribes Language Department and Annette Timentwa, Language Curriculum Coordinator for use both within the tribe and by outside educators.

The titoqatímt (Nez Perce) Parent-Child Handbook curriculum is intended for use by parents and their children to use at home or in the classroom. Included in the curriculum is a pdf of the book with fillable form fields for Colville Language Department staff to enter phrases in titoqatímt (Nez Perce). Related items Items include historical photos of babies in cradleboards. To access the handbook pdf, select the link above. To access the related materials, see the Related Items Section at the bottom or to the upper right of this page.