Titus Paul, Friend, Alex, Reuben Paul Photos and History

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This document contains two photos followed by a bit of history of Titus and Reuben Paul. The image on the left at the top of the document consists of three boys. The boy to the left has a line dress suit on and leans on a wooden post. The boy in the middle wears overalls and carries an object in his hand that is hidden by his leg. He also leans on the same wooden post as the boy the left does but on opposite sides. The boy to the right has a jacket, tie, belt, and pants on. He has his hands in his pockets. Behind the boys is a doorway and the wooden building walls. Below the image are the words "Titus Paul, friend, Alex, front porch of ranch house circa 1924". At the top of the document to the right is an image of Reuben Paul. He has his hair parted and slicked back. He wears a nice suit with a striped tie. His body is turned at a slight angle as he looks directly toward the camera with a slight smile. Below his image are the words "Reuben Paul circa 1938". Underneath both images is a one long paragraph and a short sentence long paragraph. The first paragraph share Titus J. Paul's history such as his childhood, education, marriage, and family. The second paragraph talks of Reuben Paul's education and where he lived.