Trinket Basket


Small, oval based, twined, cylindrical bag with lid. Natural cornhusk background. Multi colored embroidery. Red cloth binding around rim and edge of lid. Beaded buckskin laces on top of lid. Top attached by buckskin ties. Bottom oval woven coil. Lid is round and does not fit well., height: 5 1/4"; circumference: 12 1/2"

Cultural Narrative: 

This one is corn husk, it has a lid and a trading cloth around the edges on top, the red part. Then the beads on top, they are a little chipped, looks like choke cherries. If it is tåxws (dog bane) it is kind of light. Looks like it started out as a bag. Arlita Rhoan

Those are using size eleven beads, it's pretty small. Somebody has lots of time on their hands for this. Looks like twine on the bottom. Maxine Switzler