Trinket Basket


Oval, bundle construction, coiled basket. There is a small, red and black, oval basket done in the same trechnique sewn inside at one end. Two sets of braided sinew ties one side., length: 5 3/8"; width: 7 1/4"; height: 5 1/4" at highest point, Notes in accession records indicate this basket was made as a gift to Adeline from Alex Sam, who passed away Jan., 2015

Cultural Narrative: 

This one is cedar, you can see the ribbons, it's a cedar pine needle basket. The stitches look like they are different, they go two stitches then they go down and wrap it around twice and go down like that stitch they use for pine needle work. The small basket inside is covered with wax linen and the straps are also made of wax linen. Elaine Emerson