Twined Storage Bag


William Manning organized his collection by categories listing this bag in the category: Baskets - Soft Weave. Source: Accession record 1, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, 1926 W. M. Manning Indian Collection inventory. Although W. M. Manning acquired this large and well-used food storage bag from Cha-hl-utz-a, its age suggests it was made and used during the lifetime of his father. As a farmer, Cha-hl-utz-a was probably less dependent on traditional food gathering and storage practices and perhaps had abandoned them altogether rendering such a bag of little use. (Source: Exhibit Label Text, "Living Legacy: The American Indian Collection", July 19, 2008 - April 23, 2011) Large dark brown bag made of native hemp. Remants of cornhusk in the weft indicate there was once a design. height: 26 9/16"; width: 20 1/2"