Virginia Beavert - Tommy Thompson and Celilo

Virginia Beavert imagines what Tommy Thompson might have felt watching the flooding of Celilo Falls and describes her own feelings of sadness about the disappearance of the falls.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"I wrote this little paper about how Tommy Thompson must've felt as he stood there with his wife watching those rocks disappear. And I was teaching it in my class one time and my students started crying. And I said, yeah, that's the way I felt too at first. Next time I went down there it was all flat, that's when I cried. It was sad. It wasn't long that Tommy Thompson died. His wife survived for awhile and evidently she didn't get any help from anybody and in the winter time, she was trying to keep warm. In this little tiny house trailer. But it caught fire and she burned up in it. It seemed like somebody should've been looking after her."