Virginia Beavert - Young People

Virginia Beavert describes her optimism about young native people returning to their cultural roots.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"What really makes me happy is that that are young people now are going back to the longhouse. They want to learn to dig--the ceremonial gathering, they want to learn how to obtain the food, how to identify it. Find location places. You have to know all of that. There are a few young people yet who have attended my classes, who are following the teaching that when you shoot the first deer during the ceremonial hunt and fish. You thank that, whatever you kill, while it's dying yet. While it's still alive yet, it's dying. You talk to it and thank it for it's life, to benefit you, to benefit its people. You talk to it and it'll die. You show it that courtesy for giving up it's life. Giving up for you, you know. That's the way we look at a lot of things. So it's giving it's life up too. So that's the way we look at things."