Wa-tat-ooy-napt-la-hayne and Uma-al-wat Photos and History

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Wa-tat-ooy-napt-la-hayne (Seven Days Whipping) and Uma-al-wat (Phebe Lowery) are the parents of Jess Paul. This document contains two images of Wa-that-ooy-napt-la-hayne and one of Uma-al-wat. The image of the father is a portrait drawing. His hair flows down to his shoulders and he look straight with no expression. The mother is a portrait photo. She stands next to a chair that has a bag and cloth placed on it. She wears a long dress with a scarf and hat. Behind the women is a screen that has pots and flowers. The mother also has no facial expression. Below the images are the parents names, dates of birth and death, and their relation to Jesse Paul. There is then a paragraph discussing a bit of the history of Jesse Paul's parents. The Nez Perce War of 1877 and Indian boarding schools are mentioned in this history.