Wilbur Slockish - Water is the Giver of Life

Wilbur Slockish tells us "water is the giver of life" and describes his connection to the river.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"Water is the giver of life. If we don't have any water we have no life. We need it to cleanse the land. Quench the land's thirst. Because the land's thirsty too. And it needs water on it to grow crops. And it provides me with my needs. And if I don't have this river, then I have no life. And I .... It's hard to put it into words, my love for this place. This is where all of my old, old people are buried, and when my time on this world ends, that's where I want to be. Because the sound -- even though the roar of the river, the free-flowing has been limited -- but it's still my homeland. My river."