Wilfred and Bessie Scott - Redheart Band

Wilfred Scott explains their role in the memorial ceremonies for the Redheart Band in Vancouver, WA.

The following text is a transcription of this video.
"Every time we do these memorials, one the first things I tell the people -- I tell them why we're there, why we're here sometimes. And ah, I say, 'Today we come, you know, we return here.' And I tell them why, and I give a little history of what happened there way back when. But I tell them, "We're not here to ask anybody to go up and say they're sorry, we're not here seeking forgiveness from anybody. We're here to honor those that were here 139 years ago, or whenever the time may be.' . I tell them, you know, when we honor them, we honor ourselves. I remind the people of that."