William Paul, Friend, and Alta Paul Photos

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This document consist of two images. The image to the left is of William Paul and a friend and the right image is of Alta Paul. The image of William Paul and a friend is of two men. One man sits on a chair. His arms are propped up on the armchair holders. He wears a nice blazer like jacket with a white shirt underneath. He wears dark pants and a black top hat. The other man stand next to the man seated. He wears a nice dress suit with a hat. Behind them is a window and curtain. Neither men show a facial expression. At the bottom of the image it states that this image was taken by Jackson Studio in Seattle. Below their image are the words "William Paul sitting and friend circa 1920". The image to the right is of Alta Paul. She stands out side next to a tree and wooden fence. She wears a long white dress with long sleeves. She has her hair fixed up with an item in her hair. She places her hands next to each other in front of her waist. Below the image is says "Alta Paul circa 1922".