Woman's Beaded Bag


Rectangular, flat, fully beaded (one side) bag. Lined with plaid textile. Edged with buckskin with buckskin handles. Multicolored bird and red with green, floral design on white background, done in flat stitch technique., length: 10"; width: 8 1/4",

Cultural Narrative: 

It has one motif on it; a bird. I don't know what kind of bird that is. He's sitting on a flowered-branch and those are plateau flowers because of they way the help is shaped. He has speckles on his breast and one the front and back of his neck. And then his feathers, his back feather, and his wings. Almost looks like Kow-gui, a little orange breasted with dark blue that comes around the winter time. Somebody may have been familiar with this bird, so they interpreted it on this bag. It's lined with cotton and uses a recycled fabric as a stabilizer. That's how they sewed this, maybe they took a big section of something and used it for backing. Vivian Adams, Jolena Tillequots