Woman's Beaded Bag


Rectangular, flat, fully beaded, bag. Story design with woman on horse and man on landscape background with tipi done in flat stitch technique. Backing and fringe newer, commercially tanned, dark brown leather. Buckskin handles., length: 11"; width: 10",

Cultural Narrative: 

It's not natural, it's a commercial buckskin. Jolena Tillequots

Yeah it's a commercial hide that could be cow. That's contemporary, yes very contemporary. They got away from using smoked, tanned hides and starting buying their commercial hides. I'm glad that Maynard does his work and he only uses tanned hides. This might be rayon, not silk. Not it's cotton; polished cotton if it looks shiny to you. Yeah it's a pictorial, but you can tell it's contemporary because they use commercial hide for the body. They started making short little squared off fringes. Vivian Adams