Woman's Beaded Purse


A modern, seed beaded purse. It is a flat purse in the shape of a truncated traingle with the base wider than the top. The purse is made of light blue cotton cloth with a light brown cotton cloth and metal zipper. Over this blue cotton lining is heavier light brown cotton canvas cloth covering the entire outside of the purse. This cotton canvas is completely seed beaded. The background color of the beading is white. The two sides and the top are bordered in bands of orange, yellow, dark blue, red and green seed beads. Each side of the purse has one large beaded design. One side is abstract floral design and one side is geometric. The geometric design consists of three diamond shapes in a vertical row, two light green and one orange with a light green diamond center. Each is bordered with dark blue beads and is on a light blue background. On either side of these diamonds is a dark red and orange hour glass shape with the inner sides straightened out. Each hour glass is bordered with medium blue beads. On either side of these hour glasses is a light blue diamond shape with an orange center and bordered with dark blue beads. The abstract floral design on the other side is in dark red, red, medium blue, green, orange and purple seed beads. The beading technique is called overlay. length: 11 1/4"; width: 7 3/4"; depth: 3/8"