Woman's Beaded Purse


A fully beaded modern purse with metal zipper. The purse is flat, the sides are slightly wider at the bottom than at the top. Both sides of the purse are completely seed beaded with a geometric design on one side and a floral design on the other. Both sides have white seed bead backgrounds. The floral design on one side has green beaded leaves and stems with two yellow and amber colored beaded flowers, two red-orange and white flowers, one deep red and white flower, one deep red and yellow pansy type flower and one pink and yellow pansy type flower. At the top of the purse bordering the opening is a band of dark blue seed beads with three green and yellow stepped triangles beneath it. The other side also has a white seed bead background with one large central geometric design in red-orange and yellow seed beads bordered by dark blue seed beads. The design is a large stepped diamond shape. Around the top opening are three rows of dark blue seed beads with five red-orange triangles beneath it. Bordering the two sides and the bottom of the purse is a wide band of dark blue seed beads with one beaded rectangle in red-orange and yellow seed beads on each side and two on the bottom. The body of the purse is yellow and brown cotton plaid fabric covered with heavy cotton fabric. The zipper is metal and brown cotton fabric. All sewing is done with white cotton thread. The loop handle is light brown and black beads ranging in size, called Selon beads in the file. They are beaded on white cotton thread. The beading technique used is called overlay stitching. length: 10 3/8"; width: 7 1/2"; depth: 1/2"