Woman's Cornhusk Bag


Rectangular, flat twined, cornhusk bag, False embroidery, geometric design with cornhusk overlay background. Bottom has leather fringe with beads attached (1" long bugle beads and white bead one each one). Multi-colored, seed beads sewn at edge of buckskin binding around top. Buckskin handle attached at top. Ends strung with two 1" bugle beads and one white bead on each of fringe.,Height without Fringe: 7 1/4"; Width at Bottom: 12"; fringe: 4 1/2"


A cornhusk bag with glass beadwork.

Cultural Narrative: 

This one has glass beads on the bottom fringe, a running stitch along the bottom, and small beads. Leanne Campbell

It feels like elk around the top. Leta Campbell

This one done in two pieces and done with a base. This one is done in the earlier years where they dyed it themselves. There is a different string on top and bottom and you can see the weaves are different. The handle pulls through to close the bag. That is really handy! I want to try that. Philomena Nome