Woman's Cornhusk Bag


Rectangular, flat, flexible twined bag. Appears to be one side of bag, folded and bound at side and top edges. Side edges and top bound with leather. White beads sewn at sides. Buckskin handle at top with beads strung on laces at ends of handle.,height: 6 7/8"; width: 9 5/8"One woven flat piece that was folded and converted into a bag.

Cultural Narrative: 

This one has a flat back and forth weave. Leta Campbell

This is a purse. Joyce Swan

This looks like it was done in one piece and folded over. It could have been that the weaver did it on purpose. The inside part is a cotton twine and the design is yarn or a wool. By looking inside you can see that they must have done the cuts afterward. Inside you can see two different types of weaves, inside you can see that they must have had to change materials at some point and use a different string. When the girls were in boarding school they had to pay for their kids to be in the boarding school so they would pay with the bags and baskets like this. Philomena Nome