Woman's Dentalia Cape


Cape with pink sugar sacking foundation. Covered with dentalia shell on exterior. The shell is applied in tight horizontal rows. Neckline is not embellished with shell. The piece came to the Museum collection closed with a small brass safety pin at the front center opening. Cowrie shells are attached along the bottom edge at even intervals, approximately one inch between attachment points., Diameter: 27 1/2",

Cultural Narrative: 

Delores George had one and then Zelda Winnier, she just brought one out. These are nice, old, and clean. They're smooth. They are not ridged at all. These are nice and smooth. As my grandmother told me, that was like a status piece. Just on cotton and you would then put most of them over wool. Some on buckskin, but mostly just wool. Marlene Simlaw

I have never seen one. I haven't ever seen a picture of one. It is a shell dress. Jolena Tillequots

Usually, you see them on the shoulders of a dress. You put your hide dress and then you put than on. It could be a navy woolen dress too. If a person wore it, it helps your status. Vivian Adams