Yakama Nation Review, Volume 10, Number 8, October 31

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: People express need for voice in government, Mary Settler receives 5 years and $12,000 fine
Page 2: 1979 General Council Agenda
Page 3: Sentenced for her dreams...
Page 4: Regulations Implementing Indian Education Act, Law & Order Code: Curfew and School
Page 5: ELECTION TIME IS HERE, Moses Dick, William Hoptowit
Page 6: Russell Jim, Joe Sampson, Melvin Sampson
Page 7: Harris Teo , Watson Totus , Roseline Charley- Candidate
Page 8: Delbert Olney, Simon L. Sampson, Lester Charlie
Page 9: Tom Estimo, Indian Joe
Page 10: Harris Teo addresses the Fishing Issues
Page 11: A Plea for a Last Chance of Hope, Significance of Communications for Indians, Recruitment for Dedicated Indian Law Students, Accepting Applications: I.A.I.A. Art College
Page 13: Yakima Nation Wins Preseason Basketball Tournament
Page 14: Vincent Lovett; Indian news Notes
Page 15: Classified
Page 16: Classified