Yakama Nation Review, Volume 11, Number 6

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: YIN exempt from vehicle excise tax; Mt. St. Helens pictured here, on the day before the July 22 eruption.
Page 2: What’s Happening: Record Earnings; Off-Campus Masters Degree Program.
Page 3: Bureau Programs Threatened; NCAI Set for Oct. 26-31; at a glance: Important bills passed; “Occupational Handbook” available; Need suggestions for new home?
Page 4: Judge Burns Decision on Fishing.
Page 5: Judge Burns Decision on Fishing (Cont.).
Page 6: The look of life: A Good Day for Digging.
Page 7: Sports: All-Star Team Takes Nisqually Tourney.
Page 8: A Volcano Special.
Page 9: A Volcano Special (Cont.).
Page 10: A Volcano Special (Cont.).
Page 11: A Volcano Special (Cont.).
Page 12: A Volcano Special (Cont.).
Page 13: A Volcano Special (Cont.).
Page 14: Walking on: William Lallashute; Earl E. Krueger; Alfred Rogers Hawk Sr.; Harry Fred RosIer; Advertisement.
Page 15: College Announces New Native American Program; I.H.S. Organize Training Sessions; Pow Wows are keen when...
Page 16: Advertisement: Oil Discovery Celebration: 29th Annual North America’s Largest Indian Gathering.
Page 17: Out of Our Mailbag: Appreciated Blood Donors; Government that Governs best, Governs least!; Special Thank-You; Odessa Neaman fan; Pow Wow.
Page 18: Indian News Notes: Fredericks breezes through confirmation hearings; Indians protest process; Andrus, Administration not opposed to $81.5 million settlement of Maine Indian claim; Oil companies seek injunction on mineral severance tax; Deloria says Sioux should use Black Hills award to buy land; Indian representatives attend white house signing of Synthetic Fuel Bill; San Carlos Apaches sign with the Supreme Court International Trade Agreement with Mexican Indians; Everything you need to know about American Indian Film Programs; Mount St. Helens ash damage to Yakima Reservation more than $20 million.
Page 19: Classified: Legal Notices; Jobs.
Page 20: Classified: For Sale; Services; Ads.