Yakama Nation Review, Volume 18, Number 23

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: “Salmonscam” defendants denied bail; April 13 trial date set, Elder abuse prevention is topic of workshop, Welfare system stymies Standing Rock Sioux, New Vision to give report
Page 2: Pow-wow contest winners announced, Artists earn recognition, Good nutrition classes offered, Museum searches for new home in “Legacy in Limbo”, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week marks third anniversary, Standing Rock cont., Two year struggle by Indian student results in eligibility, Exploring Parenting sessions completed
Page 3: February Tribal Council Resolutions: Resolution T-37-87, Resolution T-38-87, ResolutionT-44-87, Resolution T-45-87, Resolution T-47-87, Resolution T-49-87, Resolution T-50-87, Schuster & Sampson officially sworn into CoE
Page 4: Perspectives, “Around the Campfire”, “An open letter to Indian Country”, Treading water with Ross Swimmer
Page 5: Chairman raps B.I.A. on forestry budget cuts, Navajos shut down daily Indian newspaper, Water Quality Act will give Indians input and $, D.O.E. told to “follow the law’, Baby’s death protested, Attorney says Indians can levy taxes
Page 6: Classified, Bail denied cont.