Yakama Nation Review, Volume 24, Number 22

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Full council wins reelection bids, Gaming wins roll of voter's dice by overwhelming margin (YNR), Meninick takes chair council, Maya communities weigh accord, Today one in five with AIDS is member of minority group, McCain calls IHS budget cuts 'outrageous sin', Tribes: Habitat top problem for salmon, wapato, tribe join hands in fight against crime(YNR).
Page 2: Seminar on environment & arts, boyd will strum, sing and speak, college scholarship deadline May 1, Diabetes clinic says 'take charge', College grads' powwow coming June 4, Malatare on Mondays in White Swan.
Page 3: Committees handle the business of the people, Voters OK store concept (YNR).
Page 4: Backers ask more scenic areas in gorge, Skokomish jurisdiction bill awaits Lowry's signature, Fort McDermitt finalist for nuke waste dump, Early Headstart registration,Community growth funds on both sides of river, Appeney, Dixey recalled for Sho-Ban council seats, Teen held in killing, stabbing at Fort Hall, EchoHawk asks cooperation in environmental cleanups, Walking On: ASA PRATT JR., JOSEPH WILIAM SMISKIN SOHAPPY, GERALDINE M. GEORGE TRAVERSE.
Page 5: Key terms of Mexican pact, Ceremonial Calendar.
Page 6: invasion of Mayan lands old Chiapas story, At ODDS: Treaty rights v. property rights, A giant stirs, Crime has to look twice ,Confusion lingers about use of 'Native American'.
Page 7: Tribal officials must apply all laws across the board, Wants language training column, Review: 'My family visiting', 'Government must straighten up and get some real business done', Group sends Katie to Disneyland, Fundraising dance to aid Florida trip, New employees come aboard with tribe, now retiree heads for mountains.
Page 8: Young sights in on teaching, coaching (YNR), AAU wraps up league play, Memorial tourney more than game, Spikes use dramatic endings in Ellensburg classic, Makahs awarded funding for youth activities, I.H.S. sponsors 100-Mile Walk/Run Club, Eagles to new heights
Page 9: Alternative schools hit hardcourt as seriously as any team in playoffs, Round-Up races may be scrapped in '94, YIRA elects officers, sets rodeo
Page 10: Event celebrates diverse traditions, Founders Council named for Indian museum, BLM probes theft of Indian artifacts, Mural society auction Mar.26, Colville to open two casinos, Indian Education Summit Mar. 30-31, Better small museum management, D-Q University gets science equipment
Page 11: Classifieds
Page 12: Fort Peck, Wind River approve natural gas explorations, Wind River in accord with natural gas giant N.M. task force studies taxation on Indian lands, Spearfishing foe Crist will appeal court decision, Deer extends recognition to Mohegans of Connecticut, Catawbas, on their feet, exploring business ventures, Davis top hoop dancer, Echoes: Today in tribal history (YNR)